Your Pick: Children’s Reading Nook

Your Pick: Children’s Reading Nook

Hi. I hope you are having a smashing month this May! In Nigeria, we celebrate children on 27 May (but in my mind, the month of May is Children’s month really). Coincidentally, I am starting a new project for my children’s room – to create a reading nook for my little ones. I call it Project LO. In addition, I am thinking of adding a super padded play area for their super energetic playtime.

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Reading and playing are very important for a child’s development. So, it should be invested in by creating a good and inviting space for it. I have been looking at some pictures of children’s reading nooks on Pinterest just to see what is out there.

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Of course, I have to create my own unique design that also factors in items that are available in Enugu, the city where I reside or maybe Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. Like in my last post, I’d like to know your pick from the pictures below (photo credits:


I really like the idea bean bags and creating a sitting area/storage below a window. Maybe, I’ll combine the two concepts 💡 🤔 🤞. See you in the comment section.

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