Would You Consider a Minimalist Sitting Room?

Would You Consider a Minimalist Sitting Room?

Less is more? What’s that?😉

In my part of the world, minimalism in interior design and decor or anything for that matter isn’t really popular. For us in Nigeria, I think more is more! But there are good reasons to consider having a minimalist sitting room with just 5 or 6 simple decor items.

Minimalist sitting room design
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Cost Savings

First, imagine the cost savings if you only have to buy one sectional sofa, light drapes, a centre rug, a coffee table and one of either a decorative wall clock, book shelf or potted indoor plant. No heavy drapes or bulky set of sofas, massive television, consoles and cabinets. About drapes, I really like the concept of using a double layer of drape lining as the actual drapes. I have imagined doing it and was so happy someone got to do it – see Dinma Umeh’s minimalist home here.

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Good for Starters

I think a minimalist approach is a good way to start your first sitting room as a single person just moving into your first apartment or newly married and setting up your first home together. And if you ask me, decorating a new home should not put too much pressure on your soul or bank account. 🤓 Also it says something if we can start small and completely enjoy ourselves right there. And later, if you want more stuff, what you have will serve as a good framework for additions.

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Easy Cleaning and more

Even for someone with family, a minimalist sitting room offers a clutter-free space which can aid relaxation of the mind. It also makes house-cleaning an easy chore – see an article about that here. A show of hands if easy cleaning sounds good to you. Also if you like a lot of light and air indoor like me, you should consider minimalism.

Be Still Wall Art, Minimalist Sitting Room
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So will you consider just having a few things in your sitting room or even your entire home as a lifestyle? Let me know. And what items can you forego while at it? Let’s talk in the comment section.

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  1. Blessing Bona

    I’ve been in a couple of minimalist sitting rooms and loved them absolutely.
    I think a sofa, TV, and art wall frames work for me

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      I like!!!

      I also admire minimalism a lot. I want it for myself but haven’t yet achieved it.

  2. Gabriel Onovo


    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      😉🙂Thank you.

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