Who Interior Design and Decor Blog Epp?

Who Interior Design and Decor Blog Epp?

Interesting question, right? For my non-Nigerian readers, it means “who does interior design and decor blogging really help”. This is a question that I asked myself just about when the blog officially rang in 2 years on 25 July 2021. It was a pertinent one because one thing I am learning this year is not to engage in fruitless labour (a small point I picked up from reading 25 Biblical Laws of Success).

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Blogging here has been personally enjoyable and I can’t imagine the last two years of my life without it.

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I started the blog some months into my law career break (read my first post here). About 30 posts later, I have learnt so much and shared with you, my readers. I am thankful for the opportunity and support.

I am also thankful that one of the ideas I shared here – makeshift storing of children’s in a shoe box resonated with two readers! Read the post here. That for sure meant that this has not been a fruitless labour.

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I also recall heartwarming comments from readers. Those feedback exuded so much happiness and willingness to be deliberate about decorating and designing your space. I consider all these achievements and worth celebrating. So in the spirit of celebrating two years of blogging, this Wooden Wall Art 👇 will freely grace a reader’s wall.

All you have to do is comment and tell me your best post on the blog and why. And I will pick a winner by a simple draw. Game on. And thank you for reading. Catch you in my next post.

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  1. Stephen


    I love decors and don’t have much. Thus, the fact that I can achieve such decoration on budget according to the post series caught my attention. I truly enjoyed it.

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