Decorating With Fans: To Be or Not To Be?

Decorating With Fans: To Be or Not To Be?

Electric fans are a necessity here in the tropics because of the high temperature and elsewhere during the summer. They are affordable to purchase and don’t consume too much power. Most homes have them either as a ceiling fan, wall fan or a standing fan. Even if you prefer to only have air conditioners in your home or office, some days will be scorching and the public power supply current level too low and just enough to power a fan. In moments like that, fans come to the rescue like the proverbial spider that finds her way into kings’ palaces ☺.

White Ceiling fan with gold rims
[Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash]

If you ask me, all fan manufacturers ought to have gotten the memo that such a staple is a potential interior decoration item. Fans should then add to the beauty of a space rather than take away from it. But the reality is that fans are mostly plain and not-very-good looking. And, when some manufacturers do make an effort, they come up with brown blades and “gold” details or really ‘appliancy’ and industrial designs. So, fans typically end up being the odd (but necessary) items in the sitting room or the bedroom.

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As a result, the electric fan hardly occurs to the decorator’s mind as an item to purchase for the client (though it is one thing I look out for always for the purpose of beautifying a space). So here is hoping that fan manufacturers read this post and do something about their designs asap. Hahaha.

But you must know that I have had a happy fan encounter (no pun intended). One time I was in Delta State, Nigeria for a family event, I stayed over at a hotel in Asaba where I had a ceiling fan that was not the usual in my hotel room. I still remember this fan — the blades seemed inspired by flower petals or delicate leaves and were translucent. The picture below may be the closest to this particular fan. That experience gave me the idea and hope that, if I really search for, I will find beautiful fans for interior decor and styling purposes.

Brown ceiling fan
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While we wait for the designs of most electric fans to become exquisite and delightful, they still remain a useful appliance. And so, I am surely grateful for my odd-looking standing fan becuase it cools me and keeps the mosquitoes away. But as soon as if I find a fan that takes into consideration the interior style of my home, I shall be going for it in a jiffy.

What is your fan story? Have you found really cool fans?

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  1. Nnenna Nwajiaku

    Nice one delightful Chi!?

    I dont think many designers pay attention to this. Fans are definitely odd looking but design is also meant to embrace functionality and so, we Nigerians (thanks to our power suppliers)don’t really have a choice than to include it in our space. For those of us that love beautiful spaces, we are begging fan manufacturers to please make these fans more beautiful. ?

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Thank you, dear Nnenna.??

      And thank you also for joining in the call for beautiful fans.

  2. Temitope

    I love decors at lot. I have a knack for beautiful interiors but I had never for once thought that fans should be a vital part of interior design. Your article has actually given me a perspective to consider when beautifying my home. Good work ma’am.

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Thank you, Tope?.

      Incidentally, these days I am seeing a lot more decor-compliant fans.

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