Shop these Afrocentric Decor Gifts for a Classic Dad

Shop these Afrocentric Decor Gifts for a Classic Dad

Maybe you don’t want to give the regular customised Father’s Day mug, a pair of socks or tie to your dad or a dad you know this year. And you have not seen any of the ideas from our last post to buy. Well, I’m excited to bring you these rare pieces by Woodsworth Interior.

Ofordile Art Stools by Woodsworth Interior

I think the idea of these stools are genuis! With a stool like this, you won’t be needing any decor piece on it. But if you must, a clear glass decor piece that accentuates the painting on the Ofordile Stool will do.

Nwoke-Spare-Parts Throw Pillow by Woodsworth Interior

The red cap and the name of the throw pillow (which means a man that trades in spare parts) are some of the things the Igbo people of South East, Nigeria are known for. My guess is that this gift idea will evoke a hearty laughter from a Nwoke-Spare-Parts Dad! 😉

Ndokwaba Remote Control Organiser

What’s not to love about this remote control organiser/ magazine and newspaper holder.

Quite a number of the older generation of Dads have their special chairs and corners in the sitting room. That is where these gift ideas come in. Imagine the art stool beside the chair, the throw pillow on the chair and the remote control organiser hanging on the arm of the chair. And you have would have made that space extra special this Father’s Day!

Want to reach Woodsworth Interior

They are just an Instagram DM or a call away (Nkiru – 08033289055) with showrooms in Enugu and Abuja.

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