Shop a Sitting Room with Me

Shop a Sitting Room with Me

Today, we are going shopping for items for a sitting room set-up! Excited? I am. Mostly because we are shopping online and one-stop style. Something about me is that I like the convenience of buying things online or finding everything on my shopping list from one store or local market. So I thought it would be fun to pick all the items, if possible, that we need for a sitting room from one online furniture store. So let’s try

Our Sitting Room Items Shopping List

Imagine we have a completely bare space – just painted walls – for instance with dove grey as the colour.

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The question then is what will we need to create a truly delightful sitting room without any budget restrictions? I bet we’d need a sofa set and accent chairs, a coffee table, TV console, wall art, throw pillows or cloths, vases or sculptures or figurines, drapes or blinds, centre rug, a wall clock and maybe a decorative mini book shelf.😎

This Teal Sectional got me…

Now, this is one fine sofa that looks like a decade-long buy with its refreshing colour and metal form. Do you agree?

Accent Chairs to add a vibrant feel…

I think this totally exudes comfort! And the yellow colour though an unlikely contrast for teal works well for our general vibrant look. A floral pink or coral version of the chair may have created a more thrilling look, if I must say.

Time for a Coffee Table

With this piece, our sitting room is taking an elegant shape. Don’t you think so?

An Eye-catching TV Console

What’s not to love about this simple beauty! We are definitely making good progress.

The Throws

Sitting Room Items Shopping - Multi-coloured Throw Pillow
Multi-coloured Linen Throw Pillows for the Teal Sectional

The selection of throw pillows and clothes here are quite limited. Nonetheless, which will you pick for the yellow accent chairs at Do let me know in the comment section below. You might just get a giveaway from Delightful by Chinyere.

Blinds: To Be or Not To Be?

These blinds definitely scream to be! Particularly for me who toys with the idea of a blind/curtain-less home sometimes (only apartments in sky scrapers should be attempting that though 🙈).

Items for the Walls

So I searched all over our today’s online shopping site but couldn’t find deserving wall clock, wall arts or vases. At this stage of our shopping, we have eyes for only items that will add beauty to the room rather than take away. Luckily, I found this shelf☝️. I think it provides a chance for displaying colourful books, vases, other decor and possibly a dainty indoor plan for the green effect.

Searching for a Centre Rug 🧐😥

Again, I couldn’t find a decent centre rug. Did you? And that brings me to one limitation of one-stop shopping. The chances of getting everything on your list in one store can be slim; particularly when you don’t want to settle for just any item.

Till Next Time

But it has been fun doing this with you? Let me know in the comment section if you would like this kind of post for maybe another room in the home or office.

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  1. Gabriel

    The choices are so beautiful. I was almost thinking that the choice of yellow for the accent chair puts pressure on beautiful combination of the items until I looked at the TV console and throw pillows. The choice of the items to be placed on the cross shelf and the rug (when eventually found – I don’t have a better idea right now) will help neutralise whatever contrast yellow for the accent chair and the colour of the teal sectional sofa may produce.

    Over all, it’s a beautiful shopping and I would love to experiment with the choices in due time. How can I not? ?

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