LOL at These Makeshift Storage Ideas for Children’s Stuff

LOL at These Makeshift Storage Ideas for Children’s Stuff

So there is a certain freelance carpenter I call on for my wood projects. He is quite good and although he lives in a different city, I always just wait for when he is available (sometimes for months). And while I wait, I pen down my ideas and pin pictures. I also use makeshift items till I finally get my order.

Books and Toys Storage
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Recently, I put this books and toys shelf☝️ on my to-build list for my children’s room. And of course, I have some makeshift items I use and I even found some others.

Shoe Boxes to the Rescue

Children's Books Stored in a Shoe Box
(c) 2020 Chinyere Evelyn Ifediora
Children’s Books Stored in a Shoe Box

As a human of the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle movement, I love to reuse plastics, cartons, bottles, etc as much as possible. So it was no brainer to use some old white shoe boxes for storing my little ones’ books in the meantime. Don’t laugh🤣. I think they are nice. And I got to arrange them in the floating shelf display style (I wrote about it here).

Multi-Purpose “Box” Thingy

Miniso Multi-Purpose Storage 
(c) 2020 Chinyere Evelyn Ifediora
Miniso Multi-Purpose Storage Box

I had always seen these at Miniso and never checked them out. Surprisingly, I received the one above as a birthday present this year (thank you to the Murphy-Okpalas!). It has been so useful for storing all the toys and helpful in teaching my daughter to tidy her space. Since we started using the box, my three old takes the initiative to tidy her room. And she enjoys doing it too.

Re-Purposed Tins

Re-Purposed Tins for Classroom Supplies
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I haven’t done this yet. Rather, I saw it on Pinterest and think they are quite delightful. I use one storage tray for crayons, pencils, scissors, glue etc. And I must confess that it is not easy to find and pick out an item. A compartmentalised storage is better.

DIY Painted Mason Jars
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Other Ideas

Plastic Baskets

For the underwears and small clothing drawers I use, mini baskets to separate socks from panties, singlets from bips caps and mittens from wash cloths. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the pictures of mine.

Wish Me Luck

I am keeping my fingers crossed that these makeshift storages don’t become permanent. Did I mention that my carpenter can charge well too? If he gives me a bill I can afford for my wood projects, then I should be back with an update. Meanwhile, you can share your makeshift ideas in the comment section. Thank you…

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  1. Ezekiel

    This is awesome, I will go and think of a makeshift idea too and share too. I was enlightened 😍😍😁😁

  2. Adaugo

    I reuse my mayonnaise jars to store meat stock and smoothies. It comes in really handy.
    I also currently store toys in a big plastic basket ( that as I got as a hamper last year)and it’s been really helpful in getting my child to pick up after herself.

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      😉🙂 Thank you so much. Your tips are quite useful. Reusing Mayonnaise bottles are quite cool. I recently saw some being used for candles.

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