Picking the Right Kitchen Colours for Better Cooking Experience
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Picking the Right Kitchen Colours for Better Cooking Experience

If like me, you appreciate the importance of daily tasty and nutritious meals for the clan but would rather not be in the kitchen 24-7-365, this post is for you! I have always wondered if anything could make everyday cooking as exciting as going to the movies. Hahaha. So here’s my first solution – colours and then a sofa. For Jamie Oliver, it is the five ingredients quick and easy recipes – which I love. But I digress. Maybe certain colours could make the kitchen more appealing and keep us there all day, every day; cooking away.

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Of course, there are many reasons for not being a fan of kitchen duties. It could be for lack of ideas of what to cook, fatigue, disliking the activity in the first place or just an unattractive kitchen.

Well, colours can help! Because they have a psychological effect on us, the right range can improve our mood and experience. So after much thought and research, the following colours may help quell your cooking aversion.


White is honest, clean and fresh and can prepare the mind for duty. White kitchens are easy on the psyche of the cook. White is also a perfect backdrop for your favourite colours (it is basically on your side). Keeping a white kitchen clean is a definite concern but for a room where food is prepared, its hygiene is a no-brainer.

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Orange communicates playfulness and confidence. A cook definitely needs those for success in the kitchen, which is another psychological effect of the orange colour. Although it may be too heavy to paint all the walls orange, adopting accents such as a vase, clock or cooking utensils in that colour can really work well.


Yellow is energetic, positive and bright. So on tired days, a yellow kitchen will be a welcoming space for cooking and thinking up ideas. Incidentally, I painted my kitchen yellow and I have no complaints. Once I can get myself there, cooking is possible, ha (it also has a couch for chilling). Be sure to get the brighter shades of yellow, though, so as to avoid the same heaviness of orange.

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Grey depicts intelligence and reliability, qualities that are surprisingly necessary for cooking meals that feed and nourish us. You can also incorporate this colour with your floors. Grey kitchen floors are rare but quite beautiful.


Green is the colour of life and freshness. It is also a rich colour for cabinets. You can also introduce indoor potted plants as your kitchen green for an organic environment. Plants can relax you, even if you do not like cooking.

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Other colours to consider are brown for its earthy and friendly psychological effect and pink which is compassionate, sweet, healthy and playful. Brown is popular for cabinets and floors. I personally find it dreary for cabinets, but fascinating for the floors and blinds.

Pink Flower on white hanging self
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So what if you live in a rented space with restrictive covenants in the agreement as to paint colours or extent of renovations on the space. Or perhaps you have a limited budget for kitchen décor or the kitchen is tiled with no room for colours? Happily, your favourite colour, even if it is unconventional for kitchens can still be the solution – this time introduced through artsy frames with inspiring quotes, clocks, crockery and vases or in the solutions colours we discussed earlier.

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Since it is the room in the home that keeps people in for possibly an average of 3.5 hours daily, it deserves decor attention. And colours can brighten it for a joyful experience.

So will you try some happy and motivating colours in your cooking space? Let us know.

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  1. Cloves

    Thank you a lot.Although I love the kitchen, I now know I loved my Aunt’s better…the walls are white. The brightness energizes me.
    Great post!

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Thank you for reading!!!

      1. Chinyere Ifediora

        @Cloves, you are the first to comment on my blog and I celebrate it so much!

  2. Gabriel

    This is indeed delightful. I will need to discuss the beautiful options here with my ‘partner’ to be.

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Hahahahahaha. I’m happy to hear this!

  3. Hannah Nyeduko

    Beautifully written. I’ll sure follow up on all your posts here❤

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Hey Hannah, thanks for reading. Truly appreciate.

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