It’s a Giveaway🛍 Because…

It’s a Giveaway🛍 Because…

… I am simply grateful for everything! Although life isn’t perfect with its not-so-occasional downs; staying grateful to God, finding reasons to celebrate and giving to others are good daily life habits to maintain irrespective of what we go through.

[Count Your Blessings Free Printable – Photo credit:]

So I decided to use this post to express my gratitude to God and celebrate the fact that I am blogging. I am super grateful for life, love, family and purpose. I am also grateful for every word, every post, every blog visit, every click, every reading of my posts, every blog subscription and every comment. Additionally, I am grateful for local rice 😄 and for the little glimmers of hope in my country, Nigeria. I thought it would be nice to add a giveaway too.

So Let’s Play!

For the giveaway, we will use a simple game of Know-My-Blog quiz (🤞hope it’s not too cheesy). Happily, three persons will go away with one gift item each. And the theme of the gifts is from my last post – How to Make Your Workspace Your Happy Place. Remember, Organise | Customise | Accessorise? The pictures below should give you an idea of them gifts🧐.

Giveaway Table Organiser
[Chickidee mat Gold Wire Table Organiser – Photo credit:]

The Quiz

  1. What is the date of the first post(s) on this blog?
  2. How many posts have been published so far on this blog?
  3. Which two posts contain petal-shaped interior items – specifically a piece of furniture and an appliance?
Giveaway Customised Mug
[Customised Mug – Photo credit:]

To Win

All you need to do now is to answer the above questions correctly within two weeks of this post; simply posting the answers in the comment section below. If more than three persons give the correct answers to this easy peasy quiz, then the three winners will be randomly selected from the pool of all the correct entries. Thereafter the winners will be contacted by a private email exchange for their postal address for the purpose of sending their gifts. Best wishes, y’all!

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  1. 1-august 16th
    2- 4 posts including this give away post
    3-september 6th and 27th

    1. Hey Ezekiel,

      Thank you for participating…

  2. 1. 25th July 2019

    2. So far we have 10 posts.

    3. Shop a sitting room with me and Home refresh on a budget: sitting room edition.

    1. Hi Kenechukwu, 👍🏾 I really appreciate your participation.

  3. 1. July, 2019
    2. 4 posts.
    3. a. Wooden ceiling fan

    1. Hi Ada, 🤞 thanks for reading and participating.

  4. July 25, 2019.
    11 posts.

    About the flower petals.
    -Thinking of Decorating With African Design Fabrics: Here’s How. The lamps.

    -Decorating With Fans: To Be or Not To Be? A fan.

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    July 25, 2019.
    11 posts.

    About the flower petals.
    -Thinking of Decorating With African Design Fabrics: Here’s How. An Ankara fabric decorated lamp.

    -Decorating With Fans: To Be or Not To Be? A fan.

    I had to edit the first answer I posted.

    1. No problem at all, Cloves! Thank you for participating.

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