How to Pretty Up a Spinster Pad

How to Pretty Up a Spinster Pad

Having a spinster pad is a dream that doesn’t come through for every gal! If you know what I mean- some ladies simply move from parents’ home to their marriage home. But if you are living that dream, here’s your cue to pretty it up. Put differently, be deliberate about decorating your space. Don’t put it off any longer…

A Sleek Reading/ Praying / Meditation Corner

A girl must be deliberate about by getting wisdom, knowledge, understanding and power. Creating a dedicated space for activities such reading, praying, mediating and even journaling/ writing goals and plans is an important first step. Something I am learning currently is that an individual must back whatever she desires with actions (unless the desires are not important).

Colourful Kitchenette And Crockery

There’s just something satisfying about cooking in a beautiful kitchen and eating from plates and cutlery with delightful designs. My theory is that those make you more prone to cook healthy meals.😉

A Closet? Definitely

A functional and easy to use closet is a must. You don’t need to break the bank for this. Open closets are cheaper and work well with good hangers and storages. And if you have a good sense of colour styling, it will add to the beauty of your room.

Fun Door Mats, Book Ends etc

Actually the list of things to use in creating a really beautiful spinster pad is endless. From door mats to book ends, heartwarming curtains, cozy sofas, home office furniture (if you work from home), shower rack etc.

I’m just here to have you get on with it. Hitting the shops to buy everything at once make a huge dent on your finances. Some helpful tips are to get at least one item each month and also shop at sales events. I also like to shop old stock that are timeless and displayed at the reduced price shelves.

If you are a single lady, do you care for a pretty home. Let’s talk in the comment section.

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