How to Make your Workspace your Happy Place

How to Make your Workspace your Happy Place

Creating a happy workspace is important since work is something we do for almost one third of our lives or more. We work for the money, the love of it, the contribution to society, for the prestige or for few other reasons. And it can be hard, demanding and monotonous sometimes.

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The “lucky ones” have work that is always fun. But we can all be the lucky ones by creating a happy place for work whether we are the boss or not. Here’s how👇

Organise Yourself Happy at Work

Staying organised at work saves time and boosts inspiration (and to me, that’s happiness). It is also an opportunity to create a gorgeous office layout or personal work station. There are plenty eye-catching files, file cabinets, document trays and storages, stationery holder, waste bins, kitchenettes, jacket hangers which we should be using to create order and beauty. Make it really fun by incorporating your happy colours. And if you are the boss, the decision making is easier for you. Try getting your people on board though since it’s everyone’s work area as well and overall happiness matters for the job.

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Now Who Doesn’t Like Customised Stuff😄

I do. And I hope you do. At the organisational level, customised mugs, water bottles, pens, pen holders, doormats, wall papers, mouse pads and shirts for staff are quite popular. And these days, the designs and concepts are so sophisticated, creative and super cool. On a personal level, having pictures of your favourite people is also another way of customising your workspace. You could also introduce your favourite figurines, indoor plants, wall arts and organisers as long as they are allowed. Just taking a few seconds break and looking at your personal people or things can bring a smile to your face.

[Customised Doormat]

Accessorise = Decorate

I’m sure you know we don’t mean shoes and bags here.😄 By now, everyone knows that a well-decorated space improves our mood and helps productivity. And so, decorating workspaces is not just a luxury but an essential element for happy work. Thankfully, most mid-sized to big corporate organisations have got the memo. Everyone else (even if you work from home) like me should get on board. Here we can decorate with aesthetically finished workstations in addition to other decor items.

8 Person Workstation - Essentric Design Happy Workspace
[8 Person Workstation]

These are simple side things we can do to stay happy on the job; just as we all strive to do what we love or love what we do. Do you agree? I would really love to hear from you in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Iphy

    Having an organized work space simply means having a place for everything. If you’re wondering how to possibly get intentional about creating a beautifully organized workspace, this blog post is a right click.

    The simple yet ‘statement making’ ideas are worth trying.

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Yay! Thanks, Iphy, for stopping by and reading.

    2. Ngozichukwu

      This is interesting I love it. Can you give a few tip for organizing a fashion designer’s work space especially when the space is small. Thanks.

      1. Chinyere Ifediora

        🙂Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

        Oh yes about small designers space organisation, I’ve seen some pictures that can help. I’ll send them either by mail or WhatsApp whichever you prefer. If WhatsApp, please send your number to me on [email protected] with subject Small Space Organisation Ideas: Fashion Designer.

        Love and light!

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