Home Refresh on a Budget: Sitting Room Edition

Home Refresh on a Budget: Sitting Room Edition

There are many reasons spending on full scale interiors upgrade may not be top of your agenda and mine right now. Right? And it is not because we don’t want a fresh look and the exciting and relaxing gratification that come with doing-up our spaces. I mean most of us enjoy home make-over shows particularly the big reveal part. Again, we appreciate the benefits of a beautiful interior. But with uncompleted projects, living costs, schools fees for the kid(s) and other dependants etc, a home design and decor upgrade will definitely be taking a back seat.

Sitting Room with Gray Sectional Sofa, Wood Panel and Coffee Table.
[Photo credit: Sven Brandsma on UpSplash]

Well, there is good news! That is a home refresh on a low budget just in case you really need a new look for your space. One thing though is that when I think of an interior refresh, my mind first goes to fresh painting of the entire house with a premium brand. However, this post does not involve painting the house since I know how pricey top quality paints are. Yet, you can achieve cleaner and new looking walls with the old chore of wall cleaning.

So back to our business of the day, you will find that buying new or DIYing these 5 small yet focal décor items will make a big impact that will birth a smile whenever you walk into your sitting room for the rest of the year and beyond. Here we go…

The Vase

[Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska @ kaboompic.com]

A vase is a perfect finishing touch to your space. They are mostly affordable and available (with as little as N750 you could buy an exquisite piece that no one would ever guess you bought it that cheap). And there are hardly ugly vases. Another thing about them is how versatile they are in terms of where you can place them and what you put inside – from fresh flowers, to faux flowers or even nothing, a vase will not let you down in adding a different vibe to your sitting room. I just think they always add to a space and never take away.

The Throw Pillow (Cover)

[Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska @ kaboompics.com]

Still bearing in mind that we are on a budget, you don’t need to buy new throw pillows. Use the ones you already have or make some from old pillows. Then find some exciting new covers for them. Their prices go from N1,300 each upwards.

The Wall Art

Easy Simple Wall Art DIY Affordable.
[Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska @ kaboompics.com]

Oh this is an exciting one which I plan to DIY and display soon. Of course, there are many shops where you can buy wall art. A few are cheap and yet solid looking ones while the rest are quite costly for our current budget project. The thing is I hardly find wall art that says or depicts the message I want to see constantly. So I figured, I could type out my preferred message, use a computer program to design or draw the art-like images I envision, get them printed on a large paper on a good printer, put them up in gorgeous frames and there, I have my wall art. Hey that reminds me – I have always wanted a wall art with the message “our time is limited here. so we make the best use of it”.

The Centre Rug

[Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska @ kaboompics.com]

I think that a new centre rug can have the same effect of getting in new sofas to your sitting room. Still, you must bear in mind the general look of the space and particularly the sofa you already have, since it is important for every part to come together. There are budget friendly designs in most shops and in the general open markets (I have seen some fair quality rugs going for N5,000).

The Indoor Plant

[Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska @ kaboompics.com]

First thing, if you have a baby or toddlers, you have to thread carefully on this one. Generally, read about the plant and find out its pros and cons. Indoor plants are really back in style and are daintier now (while I write this, I remember some humongous indoor plants from childhood). With more information, the low-light-and-maintenance, air-cleaning and pest-repellent ones are favourites. They certainly add life to the sitting rooms (which usually has a number of corners and spots for a pot or two). You can buy the nursery plants from your local horticulturist from as little as N500 (they also sell the pots).

That’s all, folks, actually for this post. Still, I know that there are countless budget-friendly ways of refreshing a sitting room.

Do let me in on your version of a home refresh on a budget in the comment section. I know it will be exciting… waiting.