Home + Office Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Home + Office Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2020 is almost here! Sunday 21 June 2020 to be precise. Did I hear you scream or just see you dance? I’m excited about it too although it still looks like it will be a quiet one. But again, just like children’s day, we must celebrate and give gifts to our fathers. There are home and office items available that are gift-worthy for fathers. Here are some links below if you fancy to:

Gift Stress Relief

Father's Day Decor Gift - Massage Chair
A Red and Black Electronic Massage Chair

If you want to go really big this massage chair priced at N1,001,000.00 is for you. I have sat in one of these massage chairs and the effect is not bad at all! I can bet that it will be a much appreciated relaxing gift for a deserving father out there. It also doubles as a rocking chair – so says the description.

Gift Art

Father's Day Decor Gift: A Pencil Painting
A Pencil Painting of a Water View

For instance this scenery pencil and water painting going for N45,000.00. It has a modern style and will be perfect for home or office decor for an amazing father.

Gift Time

Father's Day Decor Gift: Vintage Clock
A White Rustic Clock

This white rustic clock is a keeper at N14,500.00 and with a beautiful message for a daddy that spends time with his family.

Gift Warmth

Fsther's Day Gift: Plush Blanket
Gray Throw Blanket

So I saw this plush waffle throw blanket for N20,000 on Instagram sold by @14thavenuehome and even wanted one for myself. I’m guessing it will make a great gift that will keep giving warmth to an exceptional father.

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As I sign out, I wish you an amazing June and an exciting Father’s Day (celebrate your dad or a dad). Talk to you soon. But before you go, let me know if you have planned your father’s day gift (you don’t have to say what it is yet) in the comment box.

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