Gift a Mum

Gift a Mum

The first mother’s day for 2021 is upon us. Yes, this Sunday 14 March 2021 mothers will be celebrated in Nigeria. Of course there will be other mother’s days this year at different places in the world. In my opinion, mums deserve multiple celebrations.💕

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

Do you already have a gift for your mum or a mum around you? My rule for giving a home/decor gift to a mum is to make it very personal – something that she has always wanted and that will be of personal utility. Here, I have a few home or decor ideas 💡 that will make mum feel special.

For a reading mum

How about a lovely chaise lounge for reading? It could also be a great place for meditation and prayers.

For a mum that works from home

How about a soft puff for some comfort whilst sitting at the home office? You could also try a personalised mug or a pretty tea set or reading lamp.

For the all round amazing mum

I saw shadow boxes for the first time whilst writing this post and I think they are beautiful and will make a good gift for a mum. Disclaimer: I do not know where they are sold in Nigeria but there are diy videos on Pinterest. Other home/decor gift ideas for mums include artsy book shelves, sofa throws, bedside clock, foot massage machine etc

Photo credit: Karolina Grabowska

Whatever you choose, no need to be under pressure. Give what you can from a heart of love and appreciation. That is the best gift you can give any mum. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Vivian

    Your last two sentences says it all. Let the gift be from a heart of love. Personalisation also helps to make your simple gifts special. A custom mug, not so expensive with words from your heart written on it, or even a replaceable picture frame with her photo, or that of her children… Maybe something as small as a key chain with the words ” mum you are the best, love tochi” will make her feel special. The list goes on . Just do what’s in your budget and personalise it. She will definitely love your gift!

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