Guessing All Christmas Decorations Are Up

Guessing All Christmas Decorations Are Up

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Hey people, it’s good to be back. First, I apologise for not posting last week as promised here. Between last week and now, it appears I have become the last person to put up Christmas decorations in the entire Enugu, Nigeria this year. I was only finally able to do so on 17th December. (My ideal Christmas decorations period is one-month long – between 15th December and 15th January.)

Christmas Decor Throw Pillow
Copyright: Chinyere Ifediora 2019
[Christmas Decor Throw Pillow – (c) Chinyere Ifediora]

As much as I love Christmas, I never get caught up in the pressure of having everything or having everywhere on point. I also don’t get carried away by the shopping fever. I’m all for a #SimpleChristmas. Just give me some carols, simple decor, harmattan, a Church service with an inspired sermon from the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, some gifts for friends and family and nice meals (that sounds like a lot for a simple Christmas) and I’m good!

Everyone’s in on it!

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For as long as I can remember, Christmas decorations have been a thing. It used to be just homes and shopping centres that put them up when I was a child. Now corporate organisation especially the Banks and even State governments have taken over. For example, Zenith Bank Plc’s lighting of Ajose Adeogun Street in Victoria Island, Lagos has become a thing now.

You can do it!

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Well, if you haven’t put up your decorations or have never, no pressure here. You could buy two or three small pieces of decor items that are affordable and durable at a time.This way you can build up a collection over time because Christmas decorations are completely reusable. Just make sure you store them away in firm/structured empty cartons. Yay to saving the environment.

Use What You Have

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In addition to using decorations you already have, old Christmas cards serve as good Christmas decorations (I learnt this from my late Dad). In fact, bringing the cards out and reading them gives you a chance to think of the senders.


Snowy Christmas Tree 
Copyright: Chinyere Ifediora 2019
[Snowy Christmas Tree Decoration – (c) Chinyere Ifediora]

If you have got the time, try making your own decor like in nursery school or get your kids to make some as apparently tey still do in preschool. My daughter made a cardboard lantern at school which is proudly hanging on our Christmas tree.

貂t’s the most wonderful time of the year

Nativity Figurines
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So I wish you a beautiful and miraculous time filled with Jesus Christ’s love irrespective of whether you or not you decorate this Christmas.

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