Do Not Forget the Interiors

Do Not Forget the Interiors

Happy New Year!😄 Yes, on this fourth day of the third month of 2021, I am wishing you an excellent year. I bet I am officially the last person to do that.

Welcome (again) to Delightful by Chinyere. I must apologise for the long break. How about we forget how infrequent blog posts have been and press on/look forward to more posts – frequent, exciting and worth your while.

I have just one goal in today’s post that is to remind you to create a home or office interior plan for the year if you do not have any. I imagine things have got so busy for you with work and life. And as a result, it is easy to neglect our living or work spaces because we are simply used to them. But remember that a refresh, renovation, rearrangement or buying new decor items are one of the happiness-inducing things of life.

Personally, I have small and medium scale interior decor plans. I am also helping a couple of people with their large scale plans. By small scale, I mean buying a few new small items like pillows, crockery etc. I envision colourful and fresh designs.

My medium scale projects include getting new bedroom and dining area curtains as well as some repaint jobs.

So here is my gentle reminder or encouragement to do something new and fresh to your interiors sometime this year. I pray that you will have more than enough so that you can take care of that. You can write me on [email protected] with your project needs and enquiries! Talk to you soon.

PS: Images credit: Karolina Grabowska

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