Children’s Room Decor Ideas: Children’s Day 2020 Edition

Children’s Room Decor Ideas: Children’s Day 2020 Edition

Children’s day this year is without the usual outings to recreational parks, march-pasts at schools, etc, because of the current pandemic. We are celebrating the kids at home with other creative activities. In this post, I suggest adding one or two decor ideas to their room(s) as a gift to them. So what do you think of:

A One-side Mural

Children's Room Mural Ideas
Children’s Room Mural Ideas
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This should not take too much paint because you are not painting the whole room. Simple designs that you can do yourself would be preferable or else you have a painter that will do the work with the safety guidelines. Let your child choose the design as a way of involving her/him. My bet is that s/he will be so happy about this project. PS: An easier way is to buy and put up wall paper with the desired designs.

A Child's Room with Simple Mural
A Child’s Room with Simple Mural
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Educational Decor

Bedroom with Colourful Letters
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You can hardly think of children’s spaces or items without thinking colourful. With the help of colours, children’s learning objectives can be channeled through decor items. Think of alphabets, numbers, the solar system, the periodic table, maps, the body system and so on, they can be decorative.

Children’s Rooms with Periodic Table, World Map and Solar System Decor
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Also instead of the regular book shelves, you could gift your little ones with floating book shelves that can display the cover rather than the spine of their colourful books (I think it may help with drawing children to reading more). They are easy and affordable to build and install as they do not require a lot of material.

White Floating Children’s Book Display

Motivational Decor

Colorful Motivational Framed Texts for Children’s Rooms

A parent’s words to their child form their first internal voice. So we need to keep speaking right to our children. Using beautifully designed framed text printable with those important words is also a great way of building them up positively.

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Tell me which of the ideas you are considering or do you have something else in mind? Let me know in the comment box below. And please you all should continue to stay safe/well!

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  1. Iwuba

    I love the educational and motivational decor concept. #You speak it#you show it#They see it#They become it. Thanks for the children’s day concept. It is very thoughtful and inspiring.

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Thank you, 💖!

  2. Kenny E.

    Nice… any hook up for stickers, letters or numbers?

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      💞We are working to get some of those and will keep you and our clients posted.

  3. Lizzy

    Wow!! Beautiful..I love the floating book display, the motivational and educational decor. Great one ma thanks

    1. Chinyere Ifediora

      Thanks as well for reading.

  4. Precious

    Lovely decors here.
    I like the ones that had the motivational texts framed – the penultimate and solar system.

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