Easy Tips for Buying the Right Bedsheets
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Easy Tips for Buying the Right Bedsheets

Would you like to create an inviting and truly relaxing bedroom? Selecting and installing the right and preferred floor, window blinds or drapes, gadgets, bedframe, dresser and other furniture are crucial parts of the process. The other part, however, is getting the right the bedding. It may seem simpler than the former, but can truly make or break your efforts. Use the wrong colours, design, or texture and zap all that hard work and the ambience.

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For a welcoming bedroom after a busy day, you want to get the right bedding as an important finishing touch. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you go shopping:


Cotton and linen are the best suited fabrics for the human skin in terms of softness and comfort. They hold designs and structure well. Linen is more expensive than cotton and is better for hotter climates. Linen bedding also last longer and seem to get better with age. Understandably, however, linen is rarer. And it also seems to me like 100% cotton bedsheets (including the Egyptian cotton which is among the finest) are also getting scarce with the entry of cheaper and wrinkle free poly-blend sheets. Nonetheless, your skin can always tell the difference since it spends almost one third of everyday there for sleep.


There are really no rules here. Yet, it is worthy to note that rooms with busy drapes or wallpapers, lots of geometric shapes, nature drawings or African prints go better with plain or minimally designed bedding. If you’d like to experiment with patterns in your drapes, be sure to keep the colour family in mind while picking out the sheets. And also note that bedroom with plain walls and window blinds, accomodate the maximally designed bedsheets – this is something the children may find exciting (cartoon characters and all). You definitely want to avoid matchy-matchy sheets and drapes for one good reason of there potential to clutter a bedroom.

Flowery Bedding
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Monochromatic spaces often need a pop of colour to make the bed inviting. With warm-coloured walls, bedding in cool colours or white bedding are delightful. This also plays out the other way round. Here is a good post on what I mean by warm and cool colours.


The choice of the number of bedsheets for each bedroom is yours. However, I’ve come to know that three bedsheets are sufficient for each bedroom. This caters to a weekly change and amounts to about seventeen washes for each bedsheet in a year. I’d say that’s a safe number of washes to preserve the bedsheets for no less than five years. So I think that it’s a good investment, if you know what I mean.

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The point really is to be intentional when shopping for bedding. A very beautiful find may not work for a particular room or even be a necessary purchase. With this in mind, it should then be easy to let that beautiful bedsheet go and have your rested body, brain and pocket thank you later.

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What has been your approach to buying your bedsheets? Will you try any of these suggestions (I hope they are easy for you)?

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